All support channels,
in one platform,
from a single view
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call center and live chat work together as one.
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  • Put an end to jumping between support channels.
    Use only one place to manage all customer interactions.
  • Eliminate redundant work for agents.
    Use automation and AI to streamline your support processes instead of doing repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Say goodbye to data silos.
    Use real-time insights to better understand what’s bothering your customers, identify product gaps and track agent performance.
“By switching from our legacy system to Answers, we are now able to automate time-intensive processes. However, the biggest win for us was eliminating the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use, allowing our agents to work more efficiently, without having to jump back and forth between systems.”
About Wix Answers
The Wix Answers unified customer support solution integrates ticketing, call center, live chat, and knowledge base into one platform, and makes it easy for customers to proactively help themselves, freeing up support teams to offer the best customer experience possible.