What if knowledge flowed freely through your customer journey?
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Jeff Austin 
Enterprise Account Executive
Nate Brown
Chief Experience Officer at Officium Labs
About the event:
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to support your customers through their journey? The answer is simple - Yes… By letting the knowledge flow. You have the answers your customers need, but more often than not, that knowledge isn’t available in the right place or at the right time. Join Nate Brown and Jeff Austin in a discussion that will change how you think about knowledge and how leveraging it the right way can impact CX... and your bottom line.
Here is what you'll hear:
  • The importance and impact of knowledge at every stage of the customer journey
  • How to empower your customers with a focus on knowledge-centricity self-service
  • How the right knowledge, delivered the right way at the right time, improves CX
  • How measuring which information and knowledge customers references can lead to better insights and better CX/product feedback.